maandag 10 april 2017

Laatzenietlopen in Groningen 9/4

Yesterday a local group took to the streets to oppose PEGIDA in Groningen. They managed to successfully divert and delay PEGIDAs' march several times, as well as keeping local far right groups from disrupting the demonstration organised by Comite Groningen Tolerant. The police used an excessive amount of force against peaceful demonstrates. This led to one person being injured needing both internal and external stitches after a horse charge. There were no arrests on the anti-PEGIDA side.

See Twitter #lznl for timeline of events yesterday.

zaterdag 8 april 2017

PEGIDA comes to Groningen Tomorrow

Info Line and AG

Tomorrow PEGIDA will have a demonstration in Groningen. They will be meeting at the Vismarkt at 14:00. They have also been given permission to march a route to the south and back to vismarkt. As well as our own call for action, Groningen Tolerant has organised a counter Demo that meets at the Grote Markt at 14:00 and will be marching to the north. Kamerraadschap Noord-Nederland has also called for resistance to Groningen Tolerants' Demo.

Come to Groningen to have your voice heard against racism and the spreading of hate and fear.

For more information on the Comite Groningen Tolerant demonstration see their facebook event.

Info Line:
Laat Ze niet Lopen will provide information and monitor the protest throughout the day. This includes locations of right-wing extremists, any arrests and police movements. Get this information via Twitter (@laatzenietlopen #Lznl) and in the discussion of the facebook group . We will endeavour to keep a timeline on up to date too. We are a small team so depending on how busy we are the website may not be as up-to-date as twitter and facebook.

The Info line is accessible via 06 82 61 52 68. If you see anything important or have information about far-right activists, policing, etc, sms / call the Info line. Call if you need information, however the info that we can give over the phone will be limited.

Arrest Group and Lawyer:
We hope for a peaceful day but, as with all protests, arrests might happen. Therefore we will be running an Arrest Group (AG) and have a lawyer ready to assist any that need it. The lawyer standing by will be Edwin Groot, Groot & Schoo, Groningen.

The AG can be contacted via 06 87 56 59 71

Call the AG even if you see someone being arrested. Do not mention any names but give a clear description of appearance and location. If you are arrested, do not talk to the police and pay no fines! If you are unexpectedly detained for more than six hours and want to talk to a lawyer, ask for Edwin Groot. When you are released make direct contact with the AG, then they know you're free and can spread the word!

Extreme right-wing groups like Pegida abuse freedom of expression to create a sanctuary for the worship of racism and Islamophobia, spreading hate and fear. Earlier demonstrations by Pegida have remained fairly limited due to counter actions. It is up to us to keep this pressure up and limit the space for Pegida and its right-wing supporters! Organize yourself and your friends, to show them that they are not welcome!

dinsdag 4 april 2017


PEGIDA will be marching in Groningen this Sunday 9th April. We call on everyone to come to Groningen and block them!

Be Creative and do you thing!

Meeting from 12:00 - use your network to find out where!

Want a place to sleep for the night before and / or after? Send an email to

Check here for more info and timeline on the day - This includes locations of right-wing extremists, any arrests and police movements.

Are you a Twitter user? Use #lznl on the day

Information will also be shared via Facebook.

There will of course be AG and INFO lines.

See you there!