maandag 11 januari 2016

17-01-2016 Stop Pegida Racists in Apeldoorn

On Sunday January 17, the extreme right-wing Pegida wants to demonstrate in Apeldoorn to spread its racist ideology. 'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' is calling on you to resist against this extreme right demonstration. Come at 13:00 to the place where Pegida wants to begin its demonstration (still unknown) and speak out against the racists from Pegida! Don't let them walk!

Pegida is a German extreme right movement that pretends to be a group of concerned and upstanding citizens. However, appearances can be deceiving. At earlier Pegida demonstrations in Utrecht, Pegida supporters made the Hitler salute and attacked anti-racist activists and bystanders. The majority of the demonstrators appeared to be right wing extremists from Germany, Belgium, and Poland. The group of Dutch Pegida protestors was composed entirely of Neo-Nazis. Pegida claims to be against violence, while creating a space for violent racists and neo-nazis to come together and attack people., an initiative against racism is calling on you to make the space for the extreme right Pegida as small as possible on January 17, and to take action against the arrival of extreme rightwing activists. Make noise, drown them out, block them, and show them that they're not welcome! Ignoring them is not an option. Pegida will get attention anyway and will try to spread their racist ideology.

Freedom of Speech
By abusing the right to free speech, rightwing extremists create a free space for the glorification of racism and islamophobia. This freedom is just a facade for the intimidation of residents in the city where they are demonstrating.

At earlier Pegida demonstrations, hundreds of people took to the streets to express their anger about a racist march through their streets. The extreme right is sometimes viewed as merely being a fringe group. The extreme right will only remain on the fringe if people drown them out and speak out against them. Ignoring them is not an option.

It is still uncertain where in Apeldoorn Pegida is going to demonstrate. It is a good idea to keep an eye on . You can also follow 'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' on Twitter and Facebook. Leading up to and on the day of the counter-protest, we will provide the latest information, maps of the area and infostructure.

Take action against Pegida on January 17, and stop the march of the extreme-right! Don't let them walk!