zaterdag 25 november 2017

Last info for the demonstration against Pegida in Nijmegen

This Sunday the racists of Pegida want to have a demonstration in Nijmegen. Laat Ze Niet Lopen (Don't Let Them Walk) calls for action against this extreme right demonstration. This is the last update with all relevant info, such as phone numbers and action maps. 

The racists of Pegida Nederland want to meet up at 13:00 on the Joris Ivensplein, a square in Nijmegen. Starting there, they want to march through the city of Nijmegen. Their route is still unknown. The muncipality doesn't give any information about this either.

Pegida has been in the media a couple of times in the last couple of weeks. In Enschede, Pegida had a xenophobic demonstration. On the location where a mosque will be built, Pegida place a large cross and threw around pig's blood. Pegida also intimidated refugees in a shelter in Amsterdam. This racist and xenophobic organization of right wing extremists should not be given the chance to walk through Nijmegen! Laat Ze Niet Lopen, an initiative against racism, therefore calls for resistance against Pegida and their extreme right wing demonstration. Take action however you can against these racists, fascists and neo-nazis. Organize yourself and your friends, blow that whistle, shout, block: show them they're not welcome! Come to the Joris Ivensplein in Nijmegen at 13:00 on Sunday November 26th! Together we can stop these racists! 

Infostructure – Info line, Twitter and website
Laat Ze Niet Lopen will monitor and share information about the situation in Nijmegen during the whole day. For example: location of extreme right wing people, possible arrests being made and police movements. Check our Twitter for updates and follow the timeline on! We will keep you up to date. The info line can be reached through 06 23 89 86 10. Whenever you have important info on extreme right wing people, police tactics etc: text or call us! Also call us if you need any specific information about the day. 

The latest updates are always on Twitter. Do you use Twitter as well? Use the hashtag #LZNL in your tweets! 

Action map
For this protest we're providing you with an action map of the surroundings. The map uses a grid, so please make use of this when you're communicating with the info line or using Twitter to share updates. Events of the day of our counterprotest will be shared with a grid-location as well. Click on the action map to enlarge and download it, so you can print the map yourself or save it on your phone.

Legal team and lawyer
During a counterprotest there's always a chance of arrests being made. That's why we have a legal team (arrestantengroep or AG) and a lawyer on stand-by. They are here for legal advice and support when arrests are made by the police. The legal team or AG can be reached on 06 26 25 72 30.

Our lawyer on stand-by this Sunday in Nijmegen is Frans Huijbers of the firm: Van Schie Advocaten. Call the legal team/AG when you see someone being arrested. Don't share names, but give a clear description of the looks and location. If you are the one with bad luck and you get arrested, please don't make any statements. You have the right to remain silent, so use this right! Don't sign anything, especially don't sign any fines. We're advising this because anything you say/share/sign can be used against yourself or others. If you are unfortunate and kept longer than 6 hours and you want to talk to a lawyer, ask for Frans Huijbers. Get in touch with the legal team or AG when you're released, so they know you're out and they can advice you. 

Come to Nijmegen on Sunday. Stop Pegida! Don't let them walk!