zondag 11 juni 2017

18-6-2017: Stop the Nazi-march in Enschede. Don't Let Them March!

On Sunday the 18th of June German neo-Nazis and Dutch Racists will attempt to demonstrate in Enschede. The infamous band Kategorie C will also perform at the demonstration. Don’t Let Them March, an antiracist and anti far-right initiative calls out to take action against the neo-Nazi demonstration by demonstrating along and on the route of the Nazi demo.

On Sunday the 18th of June, the German neo-nazi hooligans of HoGeSa want to join up with a group of the Dutch Pegida’s racists to demonstrate in Enschede (NL). In 2014 HoGeSa assembled well over 5000 neo-nazi hooligans in Cologne, where they attacked local residents, migrants and anti-fascists. The German nazi’s have now picked Enschede to propagate their violence as well as their racist views. We can’t allow this to happen. Stop the international nazi demonstration in Enschede!

Aside from that the German neo-Nazis that call themselves HoGeSa (Hooligans Gegen Salafismus) calls for people to come to Enschede, the notorious neo-nazi band Kategorie C will perform at the demonstration. Kategorie C have repeatedly played at shows organized by the international terror network Blood and Honour and are very popular within the neo-nazi scene. Kategorie C’s performances have been banned in Germany for quite some time now, which is why they seek refuge in countries like The Netherlands.

However, it is not only German and Dutch Nazis that urge people to come to the demonstration. There will also be speakers from the fascist Britain First. This way, the nazis are trying to set up a big nazi demonstration. We cannot and will not allow a recurrence of what happened in Cologne in 2014. If this happens, we will be looking back on the biggest nazi demonstration in The Netherlands since the Second World War. This is why we have to do our utmost to prevent this event from happening. Together we can stop the nazi’s!

Don’t Let Them March!
Therefor Don’t Let Them March, an antiracist initiative, calls upon people to take action and resist the nazi demonstration and the arrival of German and Dutch neo-nazi’s. Organize yourself and your friends, heckle the nazi’s, outshout them, block them, and let them know they are not welcome! Previous nazi demonstrations have been restricted by such actions. It’s up to us to keep the space for racism and fascism as small as possible.

The neo-nazi demonstration starts at 14:00h by the Polaroid on the Hoge Bothofstraat in Enschede. From there they will attempt to walk a route through the city. For more information and updates keep an eye on www.laatzenietlopen.nl. You can also follow Laat Ze Niet Lopen on Twitter and Facebook. In the run-up to the actions and on the day itself we will provide the latest info, maps of the surrounding and an info structure.
Time: 13:30h
Where: Polaroid (on the Hoge Bothofstraat) Enschede
Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/638361746352831/