donderdag 25 februari 2016

English call-out for coming Saturday, Amsterdam

On Saturday 27th February the extreme-right PEGIDA are making an new attempt to spread their poison in Amsterdam. Since a broad campaign successfully countered their first attempt on Saturday 6th February, PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West) will make another attempt to come to Amsterdam to spread their racist and neo-fascist ideology. 
They say in their own words that they want 'revenge' and will teach the capital, and its residents, a lesson. 
'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' calls on everyone to again mobilise and resist this extreme right gathering. Come to Amsterdam and let your voice be heard: no to the racists of PEGIDA!
Racists not welcome here! Laat Ze Niet Lopen!
PEGIDA comes out of the German extreme-right, they pretend to be concerned upstanding citizens, but appearances are deceptive.
On earlier demonstrations, in Utrecht and Rotterdam, PEGIDA supporters made the Hitler Salute and attacked anti-racist activists as well as by-standers. 
The demonstrations were largely made up of right-extremists and neo-nazis from Germany, Flanders and Poland. The small group that makes up PEGIDA in the Netherlands, almost all, have a long history of involvement in the Dutch extreme-right and neo-nazi movement. 
PEGIDA claims to be peaceful, but they create space for violent racists and neo-nazis to organise and attack. During their last attempt to demonstrate in Amsterdam lots of the participants were known neo-nazi's and fascists. Amsterdamer's with a foreign background were verbally abused, spat at, and threatened. There were people with white-power and nazi symbols walking around the city., an initiative against the rise of racism and neo-fascism, calls again that the space for the extreme-right PEGIDA be made as small on Saturday 27th Feburary and for action to be taken against the extreme-right activists. 
Chant, whistle, shout, block. Let them see, by every way possible, that they are not welcome. Ignoring them is not an option. PEGIDA will still get attention and try and spread their racist ideas. 
Keep an eye on for the latest news over the PEGIDA demonstration and actions against it. 
You can also follow 'Laat Ze Niet Lopen' on Twitter and Facebook. 
In the run up to, and on the day itself, we will provide the latest updates, maps and support information. 
 Come on the 27th February, take action against PEGDIA and stop the rise of the extreme-right. 
Laat Ze Niet Lopen!